WiFi Repair

One cannot deny that wherever we go, being to a family member, friend, restaurant or any other public place, one of the first things we do is ask for the WiFi network password. It certainly also happened that on a number of occasions, one had problems connecting because of certain errors due to a number of possible reasons.

This problem is quite frustrating and possibly occurring from time to time. This could be a result of a number of issues that can be tested out for.

Connection settings

The first step which we sometimes take for granted is checking the WiFi on your device is actually on. Sometimes we might have switched it off by mistake. This can easily be checked out from the settings menu. Furthermore, if your mobile phone device is switched on to airplane mode, this will automatically switch off the WiFi.

Mentioning this, if the WiFi is on and the Airplane mode is off, then one needs to look at other possible reasons that are affecting the WiFi.

Router name and password

Another reason why you might have issues connecting to the Wifi with your mobile phone device is that you might have the wrong password or you might be trying to connect to the wrong WiFi network. WiFi names come in numbers and letters and sometimes these might be quite similar especially if your neighbours have the same internet provider.

Nowadays, the latest routers are also offering multiple internet connections based on the vicinity of your device to the router. Mentioning this, you might have connected to one of the two only and need to re-input the WiFi password to be able to connect to both.

In the majority of times, the WiFi passwords come in various letter. It is essential that this is inputted correctly since one variant will not let you connect to the WiFi router. Some systems are also case sensitive so if the password contains both upper case and lowercase letters, these need to be written as so.

Rebooting your router and mobile phone

It might be possible that the problem does not result from your mobile phone but from the router itself. This is quite an easy issue to test and fix. One just needs to unplug the router from the main power supply and switch it back on after 30 seconds. This might take a minute or two to reset and start working again. At this stage, if it was a modem issue, one should be able to connect to the WiFi.

If the issue still persists, then the next option is to reboot your mobile phone device. Simply press and hold the power button, select restart, wait for the mobile phone to turn back on again and then try to re-connect to the WiFi. If the problem persists, one might also try to pick the “forget wifi” option and re-connect as if it was the first time your device is being connected to that specific WiFi.

The last radical step that one could take to test if the issue is software related is performing a factory reset. This is a very delicate step and one needs to make sure to have backed up all the necessary data stored on their mobile phone device.

Link to how to back up your device article

Once the mobile phone resets and is turned back on, try connecting to the WiFi once again.

If the problem still persists after all the above troubleshooting, then you need help from the experts. Our trained technicians will repair the phone’s WiFi connection by replacing the necessary components if needed, test it and then return your phone in full working order.

This phone’s WiFi repair comes with a 3 month warranty, therefore, if the phone’s WiFi is still faulty, we will repair it free of charge.

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