Screen Repair

Dead Screen, shattered or malfunctioning? Have you dropped your phone and smashed the front glass or screen? We have the tools and the parts to repair this quickly.

Phone screens are not just a screen to protect the inner components of your device, We are constantly using our mobile phone’s touch screen. With so much wear and tear, it’s no wonder that smartphone displays malfunction from time to time.

Touchscreens operate using a complex set of components designed to “feel” your fingers as they move across the screen. Mentioning this, if any of these components are not functioning properly after dropping your phone or having hit the screen, then some of these might have been damaged. One might have problems like spots or discoloration, little or no backlight, flickering screen backlight, or buttons that don’t function.

We suggest doing a quick troubleshooting exercise before seeking repair.

If you haven’t dropped your phone or don’t recall damaging it, then this might be caused by a number of issues. One of the most common issues would be the need to update your software. If your phone has the latest updates installed, then we suggest to try and switch it off and back on after a minute.

If the problem persists, then a hardware issue might be the cause. Try checking the battery life by giving it a full charge or removing and re installing the battery. Battery damage might affect various components of your mobile phone. Check out more battery troubleshooting here (link to battery article).

The nature of the problem also varies depending on the type of device one has. A discoloured screen can be tested by using a pen cap and rubbing this lightly on the screen in the discoloured area. On the other hand, if the issue is stuck pixels, applying mild pressure to the screen might fix it.

If your mobile phone is a slider-style and have a white screen, the issue could be ribbon cable that has worn out or moved out of its socket. You might be able to move it back into place by tapping on the back of the phone where the battery is held.

If none of the above help fixing the screen problem, then our experience technicians will be able to dig deeper into the issue with a FREE diagnostic. (link tp page)

Our Screen repairs include smashed or cracked screens, no back light, dents on screen or flickering light. On this fault, the front glass and or LCD will be replaced. It’s important to get a broken or smashed screen repaired straight away, especially on first signs of a crack on your phone as this can cause “spider – web” over time and overall turn a small problem into a large and more expensive issue.

On certain instances, replacing the front screen might not be enough since other components might have been damaged such as the motherboard. If this is the case, we will inform the client with an estimate before we commence with the works on the device.

This front screen repair comes with a 3 month warranty, therefore, if the screen/touch becomes faulty, we will repair or replace it free of charge. Terms and conditions apply.

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