Speaker Repair

Mobile phone speaker issues might be caused by multiple reasons. Sometimes, you might actually think you have a speaker problem but in reality, you would have a microphone problem.

How can you tell the difference? The answer might be simper than you think. Basically, if you are experiencing poor sound quality or you are hearing very little or nothing at all, then it is probably a speaker problem. On the other hand, if you can hear fine, but others cannot hear you when on a call, then most likely to be a microphone problem.

One needs to know that a mobile phone has more than one speaker. The internal speaker is what you hear on when on a phone call. This operates at quite a lower volume because when in use, one has the phone pressed against the ear. On the other hand, the external speaker is what you hear when your phone is ringing, or when you are listening to music. This sound has to and is meant to be louder so that the sound can be heard when it is in your pocket, bag, purse, or across the room.

If your phone does not emit any sound when receiving aa call or trying to play music, then it is probably a hardware problem with the speaker itself. However, if the sound is just distorted or fading in and out, then this might be caused by something else.

This could be a result of connection problems between the mobile phone and the service provider. Check with your carrier, and if there is not a connection issue, then you might want to reset your phone. Another common issue that affects the speaker could also be the software that would either need an update or a problem caused by a recently downloaded app. Make sure you backup your data first, as a reset will erase the data you have saved.

Hardware problem

The above-mentioned issues can all be affecting your mobile phone’s speaker. On the other hand, your phone’s earpiece may be worn out, damaged or broken; especially if there’s no sound when you’re on a call, no dial tone or the volume is low even though the volume is on the maximum level.

Our trained technicians will fins the main fault after troubleshooting. Our experts will repair or replace the phone’s earpiece, fully test it and then return your phone in excellent working condition.

This earpiece replacement comes with a 3-month warranty, therefore, if the earpiece becomes faulty, we will repair or replace if free of charge.

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