Laptop Data Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted or lost some very important data or documents from your laptop, PC or MacBook? Worry not! Our team of experts can recover the lost, deleted, formatted, corrupt drive files completely. With a lot of experience in the field and with the latest cutting-edge technology, our team of experts will be able […]

Laptop Battery Repair

Your laptop or MacBook is an extension of your life. Your portable device contains critical documents, pictures, music, and other very important material that revolve around your life. When the battery of your laptop or MacBook diminishes, so does your efficiency and production. No matter how well you treat your laptop’s battery, it will eventually […]

Laptop Water Damage

Getting water or any other liquids spilled over your laptop is quite common since we use it very often everywhere from homes to offices. Situations such as water or coffee getting spilled over your laptop when at the office or other drinks while doing homework, etc. are uncertain. The major damage caused to your laptop […]

Laptop Charging Repair

Is your laptop not charging? This could be caused by a few problems; in fact, the first thing this could be caused from is the power jack. Loose or faulty power jacks prevent charge from reaching the battery. This can be a result of either the port itself not being firmly connecting to the power […]

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

The laptop or MacBook keyboard is by far one of the most used components of the device. That’s why when your keyboard malfunctions or breaks, it hinders your work and productivity. As laptops and MacBooks have evolved, manufacturers have sought to improve and enhance the pieces and parts across all the respective devices. When it […]

Motherboard Replacement

Motherboards and their Functions A motherboard is the main circuit board in a computer. All other circuit boards can be connected to hence this board is vital for your laptop to function. It provides the connection between all other hardware of your computer system. This is why its role amongst other computer and laptop parts […]

Laptop Screen Replacement

Every year apple launches a series of new portable devices, of which a good number of them are MacBooks. On this regard, with each model of Apple’s MacBook computer series that is released, components of the device change. And thus, so do the repair services. This does not happen with Apple products only but it […]

Data Transfer

Mobile Phone Data Transfer This is quite a sensitive and important process. There are several reasons why you might need to transfer data from your mobile phone device. Sometimes, you just want a professional backup to be performed, making sure that if your mobile phone gets damages, no data is lost. In such a case, […]

Headphone Jack Repair

One of the main reasons why you cannot hear the sound clearly while using cabled earphones or headphones could possibly be a jack issue. First and foremost, one might think that the problem derives from the headphone itself. In the event that you have checked your earphone with other mobile phones and it is working […]

Data Recovery

Data Recovery for Damaged Cell Phones If your phone is not functioning because it has been damaged or it has some other issues, you might not just need to worry about the device, but also about your data. If the damage to your device is extensive, you might not be able to access to your […]

WiFi Repair

One cannot deny that wherever we go, being to a family member, friend, restaurant or any other public place, one of the first things we do is ask for the WiFi network password. It certainly also happened that on a number of occasions, one had problems connecting because of certain errors due to a number […]

Water Damage Repair

Water damage can cause significant problems having several delicate internal circuitry in your mobile phone or any other electronic device. This can cause serious damage and can lead to not just ruining your device, but risk having your stored information gone for good. If you have dropped your phone in the water, jumped in the […]

Microphone Repair

Microphone faults are probably one of the easiest of mobile phone faults to diagnose, but not always the easiest to rectify. Microphone faults can be identified if the mobile phone has issues such as callers not hearing you, your voice is being heard distorted on the other side of the line and your voice is […]

Speaker Repair

Mobile phone speaker issues might be caused by multiple reasons. Sometimes, you might actually think you have a speaker problem but in reality, you would have a microphone problem. How can you tell the difference? The answer might be simper than you think. Basically, if you are experiencing poor sound quality or you are hearing […]

Home Button Repair

Home buttons, especially on an iPhone, are an essential part of the phone. If your phone’s home button is damaged or not working at all, our experienced technicians at phoneREFIX can help with a quality repair. Before testing for repair, we suggest to troubleshoot the mobile phone by following the following suggestions. A very common […]

Ear Speaker Repair

Your phone’s earpiece may be worn out, damaged or broken; especially if there’s no sound when you’re on a call, no dial tone or the volume is low even though the volume is on the maximum level. Our trained technicians will repair or replace the phone’s earpiece, fully test it and then return your phone […]

Diagnostic service

Unsure what the issue is with your mobile phone or laptop? Worry not! We will take care of it. Every device that has any sort of issue and needs to be seen by our technical team will start with a FREE diagnostic examination. Our expert technicians will carefully investigate and diagnose your phone to look […]

Charging Port Repair

Charging ports are easy to damage. Constant connecting and removal of the connector cord can be hard on the port and move, bend, or damage internal components. This might aso be the result of a dropped phone. If your phone is not charging correctly, taking a lot of time to charge or not charging at […]

Back camera repair

Nowadays, very few people carry a camera as a separate device. The mobile phone camera technology has become highly advanced and good for our daily photos in the high definition. For most, if your cell phone camera is not working, then you don’t have a camera at all. Normally, camera problems are a result of […]

Battery Replacement

Mobile phones run on batteries that are recharged by connecting your phone to an electrical socket when they are drained of power. The mobile phone batteries are square, flat, placed at the back of the mobile phone device and covered by a protective cover. Due to the fact that our mobile phones are left on […]