Microphone Repair

Microphone faults are probably one of the easiest of mobile phone faults to diagnose, but not always the easiest to rectify.

Microphone faults can be identified if the mobile phone has issues such as callers not hearing you, your voice is being heard distorted on the other side of the line and your voice is only being heard on some occasions and not all the time. If any of the mentioned issues occur, then most probably the problem is with your device.

We suggest some troubleshooting prior commencing the repairing process. The issue might be caused by a low reception area or simply you are doing your calls from a room which reception is limited. Weak network signal is one of the most common causes for the voice to ‘break up’ during a mobile phone call.

Having the microphone hole blocked by dirt or other residue might also be another reason that is causing issues. We suggest that one tries to clean the hole with a soft toothbrush or something similar, however always being careful not to shove anything in the hole that might damage the microphone or any other components of the mobile phone.

Should the problem persist, and one’s voice is constanly not being heard clear, or being heard distorted, hen this needs fixing or replacing. On this regard, we suggest you bring along your device so we can perform a fully free diagnostic to your mobile phone before repairing or replacing your microphone. Our technicians carefully check out the phone and will be able to identify the issue on the microphone and will then inform you the current problem before going ahead.

Our trained technicians will repair the phone’s mic, fully test it and then return your phone in an excellent working condition.

This microphone repair comes with a 3-month warranty, therefore, if the phone’s mic is faulty, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

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