Laptop Charging Repair

Is your laptop not charging? This could be caused by a few problems; in fact, the first thing this could be caused from is the power jack. Loose or faulty power jacks prevent charge from reaching the battery. This can be a result of either the port itself not being firmly connecting to the power jack, or because the charge is not passing from the port into your battery.
Before anything else, you first have to diagnose where the charging problem is coming from causing the faulty charging port. The main culprits for a laptop not charging are a faulty battery, spoiled power adapter, or cut cables.

Some laptop or MacBook adapters have glowing LED indicators to show that they are receiving power. If your adapter includes such a mechanism and is lighting up when connected to the mains electricity, then the issue probably lies in the DC output cord.

Our team of experts can diagnose and rectify charging problems for all major brands of laptop. If it is a home use laptop or a working device, we will make sure to have your laptop or MacBook charging like it should if little time; because computer problems can’t wait!

The adapter connects to the mains electricity through a plug, converting AC current to DC. Accordingly, you should handle this electrical equipment with the utmost care. If after we examine your laptop or MacBook and the issue cannot be fixed, then get a replacement charger, which is usually readily available at our phoneREFIX outlets (link to shop pages)

We not just stock high end laptop charging port related parts but we have the best professionals to work on your laptop for any issues it might have such as handling laptop charging issues.

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