Water Damage Repair

Water damage can cause significant problems having several delicate internal circuitry in your mobile phone or any other electronic device. This can cause serious damage and can lead to not just ruining your device, but risk having your stored information gone for good.

If you have dropped your phone in the water, jumped in the pool with it, or got it drenched in any way, shape or form then you might want to try and follow the following steps to try and save your mobile phone and the information you have stored in it.

Troubleshooting Mobile Phone Water Damage

First things first! It is imperative that one does not touch the mobile phone if this is wet and still plugged into a charger; Safety first!

Next up, we will look at the best procedure to follow that will give you a better chance of saving your mobile phone and its data after it has been wet. First of all, one needs to remove the device from the water as quickly as possible and remove the battery immediately. Removing the battery quickly could make the difference to save your phone since no electricity would be running through its components anymore.

Most mobile phones have a white indicator near the battery which turns pink or red if water has damaged the device. You can try to draw the moisture out by submerging the phone in a bowl of rice or other absorbent material overnight. This is a myth that truly works!

You can also try to dry it out with a vacuum cleaner, as long as you don’t hold the vacuum too close to the device.

Another way of trying to save your mobile phone device would be that of cleaning it by rubbing alcohol (surgical spirit) if this hasn’t been exposed to water very long.

Any procedure you may try, it is very important to remove the sim card, memory card, and anything else that might be plugged into the device. After that, we strongly sugest to start by gently drying up the mobile phone overall with an absorbent towel.

On the other hand, one should not push any buttons whatsoever since this will force water even further into the circuits. We strongly do not suggest the use of a hairdryer on the mobile phone – this could not only push water into the phone and do further damage but also melt some components if you use it with the heating on.

Not moving the phone more than you have too would essentially help reduce the damage. This will prevent water from spreading throughout the device.

Last but not least, don’t turn the phone on too soon. This needs to dry. It is best to wait 24 hours before attempting to turn your mobile phone back on.

If the problem persists, our experience technical staff will handle this issue. During our liquid damage diagnostic service, our trained technicians will open up the phone, clean all the components in a special cleaning machine which fully sterilizes the hardware.

It is very important to bear in mind that this would not repair the mobile phone but it is part of the diagnostic service. Once or skilled technicians have cleaned and sterilised your device and we would have a clear indication of the level of damage that the mobile phone has, we will then contact you regarding the faults and which repairs will need to be carried out.

Should one not want to go ahead repairs, we can alternatively give the phone back after the cleaning stage if you prefer.

Please be aware that liquid damage can have a lasting effect that can continuously cause problems in the future to your phone, therefore this service is not covered under warranty by any means. The liquid damage diagnostic service are non-refundable and can take up to 7 working days to complete.

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