Home Button Repair

Home buttons, especially on an iPhone, are an essential part of the phone. If your phone’s home button is damaged or not working at all, our experienced technicians at phoneREFIX can help with a quality repair. Before testing for repair, we suggest to troubleshoot the mobile phone by following the following suggestions.

A very common problem that affects the mobile phone home button is dirt around the button itself. Rubbing some alcohol (surgical spirit) and a cotton swab or a tissue around the button itself.

If after doing so, the problem still persists, let a few drops of the alcohol land directly on the home button. Be careful not to put more than one or two drops of alcohol. Then tap the home button to let the alcohol seep in around it. After wiping the surface well, wait a few minutes and try testing the button again.

Sometimes your home button can be just misaligned from constant plugging and unplugging of the power connector. This may also be a result of you dropping the mobile phone. You can often pop it back into place by plugging in the connector, laying the phone flat, and pressing down on the connector for leverage.

If your home button is broken or not as responsive as it should be, then most probably this needs further servicing or replacement. Please note that for devices that have the Touch ID in the home button, there is also the possibility that the Touch ID functionality may no longer function. This also results in the need of changing the button itself.

Home button repairs come with a 3 month warranty, therefore, if the home button becomes faulty, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

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