Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier Pro H

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Mi Purifier Pro H, Xiaomi’s Air Purifier with OLED TouchScreen

OLED touch screen – Air purification rate 600m3/h (particles) – Air purification rate 250m3/h (formaldehyde) – HEPA filter – 3 modes of use – Wi-Fi 2.4GHz

Xiaomi Mi Purifier Pro H, the improved version of the 2016 model, and a must-have device for your home! This air purifier removes 99.99% of harmful particles and expels cleaner air, perfect for you if you live in a big city with high pollution or if you suffer from any kind of allergy. This time the clean air delivery rate (CADR) for particles increases to 600m3/h, being able to quickly purify a space of up to 72m2 and has an intuitive OLED screen. But the Mi Purifier ProH has even more to offer, read on to find out more!

FCADR rate of 250m3/h. Eliminates strong odors and harmful gases

New home? New furniture? You may not know that this “new furniture smell” is due to formaldehyde, a highly flammable and volatile chemical used to produce and manufacture many household products. Well, the Mi Purifier Pro H has a FCADR rate of 250m3/h, four times more than the Mi Air Purifier 3H, effectively removing harmful gases from the environment such as formaldehyde, toluene, and others.

PCADR rate of 600m3/h. Removes harmful particles over large areas

Furthermore, the PCADR rate of the Purifier Pro H now increases to 600m3/h, being able to release up to 10m3 of purified air for every minute of operation. The new Xiaomi Pro H air purifier is ideal for application over large areas of between 42 and 72m2.

HEPA filter with 14 months of useful life. Removes 99.9% of harmful particles

In addition to this delivery rate, its HEPA filter is also noteworthy, which makes use of an efficient H13 material and a high-quality activated carbon column catalyst. This filter channels 99.99% of particles, bacteria, and other harmful substances with a minimum size of 0.1 microns, and helps to expel much cleaner air.

Thanks to the quality of its materials, this HEPA filter has a 14-month lifespan, making frequent replacement unnecessary.

OLED Touch screen and control via APP

The best thing about Xiaomi’s products is always their built-in smart function, which allows us to control our home devices from our smartphones. Download the APP Mi Home and operate your Xiaomi Mi Purifier Pro H from your mobile phone by connecting it via Wi-Fi – even if you’re not at home! It also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

However, if you have your Mi Purifier at hand, you will only need to touch its OLED touch screen to turn it on or select the mode you need at any time.

Manufacturer Xiaomi
Colour White
Manufacturer Code BHR4280GL
CADR(Clean air delivery rate) 600m³/h
Application Area 72m2
Screen Yes

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