Sparco Sim Rig I Racing Simulator

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Practice rally & racing at home and at the same time get the feeling of sitting directly in the car. Sparco’s Sim Rig I has the option to add a seat below that suits you.

The basis of the rig is Evolve 3.0 which is the base used for Sparco Racing Simulators. Sparco Evolve has a chassis built in steel and aluminum with many adjustment options to suit you as a driver.

Sparco has set the bar very high when they developed their Sim-Rig, and research done via Humanetics® has led to a fantastic driving experience.

As standard, it comes with slide rails that the seat sits on so you can adjust it lengthwise for different drivers. Quick and easy

Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer

Steering wheel and pedals are from the market-leading Thrustmaster that comes in a model with Sparco’s P310 steering wheel original. The steering wheel has a completely realistic feel and together with Thrustmaster’s Force Feedback system which builds for a powerful 40 watt discarded motor that stands for the realism and feel of the steering wheel.

The pedals T3TPA is a pedal stand with three pedals that are completely adjustable in space, inclination and height, giving you a more comfortable and realistic driving feeling.

Complete with Sparco’s Hyperdrive Gaming socks that have a good grip against the pedals, or a Sparco K-Pole shoe to get the perfect feeling.

Sparco Sim Rig I Play Seat Specifications

The Sparco Sim Rig I is an entry-level Sim Racing kit designed for virtual driving enthusiasts looking for a high-intensity gaming experience.

This kit consists of a Sparco Evolve 3.0 steel chassis, a Sim Racing bucket seat of your choice, a Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod steering wheel/pedals combo (removable 31.5cm steering wheel, 2 sequential paddle shifters, 14 action buttons and 1 directional pad with push button, Force Feedback system, 3 adjustable pedals…) as well as a Pro mounting brackets kit.

By partnering with Thrustmaster, one of the leaders in the video game peripherals market, Sparco guarantees a very high quality set for both gamers and professional racing drivers, for leisure as well as for training.

Kit contents:

  • Sparco Evolve 3.0 chassis
  • Sparco Sim Racing bucket seat to choose from 12 models
  • Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer steering wheel and pedal base with Sparco P310 Competition Mod steering wheel
  • Pro mounting brackets kit

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