PABX Systems

Upgrade your Hotel Phone System

PhoneRefix has partnered with Nonius to offer a cost-effective upgrade to your hotel phone system end-of-life phone PBXs. It has embedded PMS interface, call accounting, voice mail, room status and is compatible with the majority of hotel phones.

The IP-PBX made for hotels

A hotel phone system with an IP-PBX solution specially built for hospitality. One single robust appliance in the rack with flexibility in the number and type of ports.

Cost-effective replacement for an end-of-life PBX, and provides a quick payback when replacing existing systems because of support contract savings. The system permits the re-use of analogue room phones.


Compatible with existing analogue Hotel room phones and staff phones (IP or Analog).

PMS interface

Manage and bills the guests’ calls and credit, receives wake-up call and manages room status codes.

Built-in IVR

Reduce your operation costs by automating your call reception and call forwarding.

Future proof

Deployed in more than 120 properties, some of those with more than 5000 phone devices.

Key features for your new Hotel Phone System

  • Redundancy
  • PMS Interface
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Call Accounting
  • Voicemail
  • Room Status
  • Guest VolP App
  • Dashboard