sbs Tripod with 20cm Selfie Ring Light

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sbs Tripod with 20cm Selfie Ring Light


With the SBS 20cm Tripod Selfie Ring Light, you can take selfies, record video tutorials or do live streaming with the ideal lighting always. The handy tripod is perfect for resting your Android or Apple smartphone on, allowing for optimal ease of use.

The LED ring is powered via an integrated USB cable and can be turned 360°. The flexible arm lets you tilt the smartphone to your liking.


The LED ring is 20cm in width. It diffuses light to just the right point and is not too strong for your eyes. This allows you to appear more natural in front of the smartphone lens.

Next to the LED, there’s a control for adjusting the temperature of the light to three levels: white, warm and natural. This lets you perfectly bring out details. With the same control, you can also adjust the light intensity to cope with any conditions. Create unique settings and atmospheres.


The Tripod Selfie Ring Light provides optimum stability thanks to its practical tripod with adjustable feet. Place your smartphone on any flat surface to take selfies or record videos in total comfort. Thanks to the small wireless remote control, you can start a video or take photos from up to 10m away. This way, you avoid setting automatic timers or cutting out parts of your video which can make it look less natural.


  • the 20cm wide LED ring uniformly diffuses light
  • adjustable light intensity allows optimally adapting to a wide range of needs and situations
  • three levels of lighting temperature let you play with details, reflections and environments
  • the wireless remote control with a range of 10 meters


  • a tripod with LED ring
  • a wireless remote control with battery included
  • a cable
Legs length 16 cm
Maximum width 85 mm
Minimum width 55 mm
Power connector USB, 5V
Included accessories Remote control
EAN 8018417329197

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