sbs Car holder for air vents with LockPro locking system

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sbs Car holder for air vents with LockPro locking system

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Why choose the LockPro system? Maximum stability for your smartphone

The LockPro car holder for air vents features a secure system that allows you to attach your smartphone with one hand. Attach the adapter sticker included in the package to your Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo or other brand phone. Make sure that the surface to which the adapter is applied is smooth and clean, wait 15 minutes after application and make sure the adhesive sticks firmly. Next, you can easily and conveniently dock your phone to the holder thanks to the LockPro system: press the adapter against the holder’s dedicated slot and rotate it until you hear a click. To release it, just press rotate and rotate the adapter again.

360° rotatable

You can rotate the smartphone 360°. In this way, you can also position it horizontally to better follow GPS directions. The arm is also jointed: you can swivel it as you want to position the phone as you like.

Easy to install

The holder is equipped with an adjustable lever that fixes it to the fins of the air vent. The two arms stabilise the support, ensuring very good vibration resistance. Enjoy your trips in total peace of mind

Key features:

  • Car holder for air vents
  • With patented LockPro locking system
  • 360° rotatable
  • Tiltable body
  • Stabiliser arms

Contents include:

  • 1 car holder
  • 1 adhesive Lock Pro adapter

Closure                                          LockPro locking system

Rotation                                        360 ° horizontal – 90 ° vertical

Coupling mode                            Adjustable clip for air vent

Color                                              Black

EAN                                               8018417465116

Depth                                            5.5000 CENTIMETER

Width                                            5.5000 CENTIMETER

Height.                                          10.0000 CENTIMETER

Length                                           8.5000 CENTIMETER

Weight                                           70.0000 g

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