Puro Cover Gradient for iPhone 15 Light Green

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Puro Cover Gradient for iPhone 15 Light Green

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Check out Puro’s Gradient iPhone 15 case collection: it offers complete protection and lets you take full advantage of all the benefits of Magsafe technology. Here are 4 good reasons why you shouldn’t pass up Puro’s Gradient case:

  1. Premium protection: made of durable, high-quality materials, the Gradient case protects the iPhone 15 from scratches and bumps, and thanks to its raised edges, even your lenses will be safe.
  2. MagSafe compatibility: the Gradient case is designed to ensure perfect compatibility with MagSafe technology. P you will then be able to use all the features of your iPhone without having to remove the cover, enjoying a limitless user experience.
  3. Unique style: the Gradient case features a gradient color gradient shade that adds a unique touch of style to the already feature-perfect case. Check out all the colors available for the iPhone 15.
  4. Secure grip: the edges of the case are specially designed to provide a secure, non-slip grip, even for the most distracted hands 😉

Enhance your iPhone 15 with style, security and functionality by choosing Puro’s Gradient case.  

Get Tech, Get Color!

MagSafe: a limitless user experience

The Gradient case is the perfect combo of style and MagSafe Technology: get access to advanced technology that will make your life easier.

Experience the Magsafe magic with Puro.

Flexibility without compromise: the case that hugs your iPhone!

The Gradient iPhone 15 case is perfect for those seeking the right balance between flexibility and protection.

You’ll be able to flex it fearlessly for an exceptional fit on your iPhone.

Grab yours and enjoy the freedom of movement without worries.

Colour your day with style and confidence

Had enough of neutral colours, but don’t want to compromise the security of your iPhone? The Gradient cover is the solution.

Not only protective, but also colourful, it stylishly adds a touch of life to your smartphone.

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