Gigaset A170 Single Cordless Phone Green

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Gigaset A170 Single Cordless Phone Green

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The phone that answers your calling demands – plain, simple, and affordable.
Discover the Gigaset A170. It’s a basic, reliable cordless phone with made-in-Germany quality. User-friendly keys with sensitive pressure points make dialing effortless. A large, illuminated, and graphical dot-matrix display eases reading. And thanks to a pre-configured registration to the base station, the setup takes nothing but a quick plug & play. And there’s one more thing you won’t have to worry about: Eco Mode Plus with no radiation makes it the environmentally friendly choice in telephony.

Convincing with clarity: the amber-colored illuminated graphic display.
Worth more than just one look: the large dot-matrix display on our new A170 shines out with optimal readability. This makes checking your phonebook or your call list especially easy. The display of the A170 is also illuminated for easy operation, day and night.

Easy, and not just on the eye: usability that simplifies everything.
The reliable cordless phone Gigaset A170 stands out with an affordable price and basic functions: keys with sensitive pressure points that make dialing comfortable and a plug & play setup that allows you to use it right out of the box. And to make sure that good things last: the landline phone Gigaset A170 can handle talks of up to 18 hours or up to 200 hours of standby time without recharging.

Keeping calls in mind for you: convenient data storage.
Everyday calling is now even more convenient because the Gigaset A170 remembers the last 25 missed and received calls in its call list. And a separate call list stores the last 10 numbers you entered – for quick redialing. You’ll also have all the important numbers at hand: the included phonebook conveniently stores up to 50 contacts. This means that friends and family are always in reach with the push of a few buttons.

Always at your service: all the information you need.
Enjoy immediate access to all the information you need throughout the day and as you receive calls: the Gigaset A170 indicates date, call duration, and the caller’s ID on its display. So you’ll always know who’s calling when the phone rings. Did you know that you can use the A170 beyond telephony? When you need a reliable reminder, just use its alarm function.

Start with more: additional handsets for your home.
Do you want a Gigaset A170 on several floors or for different rooms? No problem, we have the perfect solution: the Gigaset cordless phone A170 is also available as a duo with one additional handset. Or as trio with two additional handsets.

Welcome green home: ECO DECT for radiation-free calls.
Like all Gigaset cordless telephones, the Gigaset A170 is equipped with the environmentally friendly ECO DECT technology. This means that the telephones are radiation-free in standby mode, even if you have several handsets, as long as the base station and all registered handsets also support ECO DECT. During a phone call, the transmitting power is automatically adjusted to the distance between the base station and the handset. The shorter the distance to the base station, the lower the radiation. For the maximum DECT range, the ECO DECT mode can be deactivated at any time.

Green color
Standard Dect/Gap: Yes
Number of terminals included: 1
Number of connectable terminals: 4
Autonomy in conversation: 18 hr
Autonomy in Stand-By: 200 hr
Maximum Radio Action (indoors): 50 Mt
Maximum Radio Action (outdoors): 300 Mt

Screen Typology: Graphic
Lampshade Color: Orange and Black
Backlit Screen: Yes
Backlit keyboard: No
Battery charge level indication: Yes
Date and Time Display: Yes
Calling number display: Yes
Call Duration Display: Yes
Keypad lock: Yes

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Gigaset A170 Single Cordless Phone Green