sbs Car charger USB-C 65W Ultra-Fast Charging

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car charger PD 65w

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Smartphone or tablet always charged even during your car trips

If you need your mobile phone, laptop or Tablet charged and have a short car trip to make, the 65W car charger is for you. Plug it into your car’s 12V socket or cigarette lighter : it will instantly supply energy. Then connect any device, Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi or another brand, by inserting your USB-Ccable in the appropriate port. A smartphone will be charged in 20 minutes and a tablet in 45*.

You can also charge your laptop thanks to the 65W Power Delivery technology

Your vital working days are safe with this car charger that can also recharge compatible laptops or MacBooks in 90 minutes*.The 65 Watt Power Delivery technology, in fact, allows you to transfer large quantities of energy without short circuits or overheating. Your electronic devices will always be charged in complete safety .

Compact and with LED status light

The compact size makes it easy to take it everywhere in a bag or backpack. This feature is very useful in case you often change cars, for instance when car-sharing. In addition, the LED status light means you can keep an eye on charging status. 

*Charging times are approximate and depend on the battery of the device being charged

Distinguishing features:

  • for cars, trucks, campers and many other vehicles equipped with a 12V socket or cigarette lighter
  • Power Delivery Technology
  • power output: 65W
  • USB-C port
  • compatible laptops and MacBooks charged in 90 minutes, smartphones charged in 20 minutes, tablets charged in 45 minutes*
  • LED status light
  • Light and compact

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